It'll All Work Out

WIP Excerpted dialogue to demonstrate group conversation dynamic.

"So, I hear that you keep our boy Rick on his toes," Tina commented to Ana.

"Well, by the sounds of it here, somebody has to keep him in line, huh?"

"You know, we give him a heckuva hard time, but honestly, he is a lot of fun to work with," Tina said. "Even if it does drive Max, our director, crazy because we are laughing too hard to finish a take on a scene."

"I'm pretty sure that last fiasco was not my fault," Rick cut in as he sat down between Ana and Leslie.

"Like it wasn't your fault you kept messing up lines when performing with high school kids last month," Ana pointed out.

"Yes!" Tina and Leslie said together and gave Ana high fives with Rick giving her a playful nudge.

"Robert, c'mon man, help me out here!" Rick implored. "Tina started it last time, didn't she?"

"That is true. But who could expect someone to not trip over that crumb on the floor, really." Robert conceded, which set them all off on a new round of laughter.

"So, are y'all in some scenes together the rest of this evening?" Ana asked.

"Wow, that 'y'all' just drops in out of nowhere, doesn't it?" Marcus teased. "I didn't think Arizoners carried a drawl."

"Arizoners?" Leslie interjected. "What kind of word is that?"

"Well, what would you call them?" Marcus retorted.

"Wait, now I'm a 'them'?" Ana asked. "What am I, a Martian?"

"No, honey," Tina said, "that would be these men, here. We are from Venus, remember?"

"Yeah, the Venus flytrap," Robert contributed and then turned to Marcus to receive the high five.

"Which makes Rick a fly, since he's definitely ensnared."

"So, what do you call someone from Arizona?" Marcus picked up the thread again.

"How about 'Arizonan'?" Ana suggested. "But the answer you were really looking for is Texan. I grew up in Texas. Plenty of drawl down there."

"Well now, that makes sense. Rick never told us you were from Texas," Marcus said reproachfully. Rick only shrugged. "That's like a whole different country, isn't it?"

Ana chuckled. "In some ways, yes. But no more so than Los Angeles being its own entity, don't you think?"

Agreement came all around followed by "only in L.A." stories which Ana was able to counter with "only in Texas" anecdotes including her personal pet peeve: the massacre of street and town names of Spanish origins.

"That's right," Rick agreed. "From now on, everybody, it's Los ¡ngeles," he pronounced the city name with his own Spanish flourish. She smiled, gave Rick a playful swat, and laughed as everyone else around dramatically mimicked the Spanish accented pronunciation, continuing to throw in all kinds of other Spanish words and non-Spanish words with affected pronunciation.